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About Us

Elektro Dance Academy literally started from the bottom with a group of friends from high school who shared the passion for dance.  From a young age, the goal was to become professional dancers and be on America's Best Dance Crew.  After years and years of denial and training they finally made their dreams come true - getting paid to travel the world and perform, winning ABDC, and earning multiple gold medals at Hip Hop International.  

Their main goal now is to create MAJOR opportunities for up-and-coming dancers.  With years of experience in the industry, Elektro Dance Academy wants to help dancers achieve their dreams by competing, training, and adding mental toughness to their game.  

What started with a few local high school friends with a common love for dance has led to winning season seven of America's Best Dance Crew, leading The Elektrolytes dance crew, and running Elektro Dance Academy.

Now with this store we can take our vision to the next level! Cop the latest! 

Let us help you rise above limits!